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Regular car washing, waxing and sealing is a tremendously effective way of maintaining the condition of your car and adding many months of solid protection to its bodywork. But if you are on the look out for an even higher grade of protection, JM Valeting and Detailing offers several market-leading coatings which can be added to any new car protection detail or detailing package.

Silica Carbide Ceramic Coating - (authorised applicator)From £750+

5 Years+ Warranty

Ceramic coatings based on SiC (silica carbide) are a market-leading range of protection which, when applied to your car’s existing bodywork, not only enhance the gloss and look of your vehicle, but they also add an incredibly hard layer of protection. They provide superior resistance to scratching and chemical etching and also offer permanent protection for all factory paints. Once applied it never needs to be reapplied and can be used in conjunction with other waxes and sealants. Ceramic coatings can measure around 100 times thicker than a wax or sealant and therefore can act like a second skin to your bodywork.

Si02 Ceramic quartz coating - (authorised applicator)From £200+

2 Years+ durability

Nano and Quartz coatings utilise SiO2 (Silica Dioxide), often referred to as liquid glass, to add a very thin but extremely resilient layer of protection to your car's bodywork. They are generally considered to be less durable than a ceramic (silicon Carbide) but nevertheless can easily provide up to and around 24 months of protection. They also offer superb gloss, water repellence and scratch resistance.

KochChemie 1K Nano Sealant - (authorised applicator) From £100+

1-2 Years durability

JM Valeting and Detailing is proud to be an approved applicator of 1K Nano Sealant. Boasting an impressive 12 months+ protection, KochChemie combines cutting-edge German engineering with decades of experience in surface chemistry.

About 1K-Nano:

The 1K-Nano is bonded to the paint and based on innovative reactive substances forms an extremely smooth, mirror paint seal that is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and abrasion. Special additives give the paintwork an extremely deep sheen. The one-step process reduces the working time considerably in comparison with 2-component systems. The paintwork is protected perfectly and lastingly from adverse environmental factors. A unique easy to clean performance means that insects, bird droppings and other deposit build-ups can be removed much more easily. The durability is approx. 1 year, but this can be extended up to 3 years through regular manual after-care with NanoMagicShampoo (hand wash) or through after-care with NanoMagic Twin Wax (carwash) and the recommended annual paintwork inspection by an expert!

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Vinyl Film. £POA

An emerging technology not only in the field of decoration but protection also, is vinyl protective film. These films offer excellent protection from stone chips and scratches and can be removed at a later date without damage to the substrate. They can be moulded and conformed to the curved areas of the car and are particularly effective on areas prone to impact from grit, debris and tar, such as the bumpers and wheel arches.

JM Valeting is a certified applicator of HEXIS vinyl wrapping.

Which option do I choose?

JM Valeting and Detailing is always testing and monitoring the latest products and technologies, therefore we recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, visit our social media pages for examples of our latest work.We only use and endorse the best brands on the market, such as KochChemie, Kenolon, OPT so you can be sure that your car will receive the very highest grade of protection.

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