What are the stages of detailing?

Detailing is a more in-depth and labour-intensive process than valeting. As such, more time and attention is paid to each part of the car, and in particular the bodywork. Therefore rushing a detailing job is not an option! If we try to cut corners, not only will the desired results not be achieved, but there is a greater likelihood that new damage could occur.



Using the appropriate cleaning agents is a must. PH neutral products (neither acid nor alkaline) ensure that the car’s surfaces are not subjected to anything too harsh or severe. Similarly, quality cloths, mitts and brushes (all made from soft textures) are used to ensure that nothing too abrasive makes contact with the bodywork. Reducing this risk ensures that minor scratches and swirl marks should not appear.


decontamination STAGES

Just because a car may look clean to the eye, it does not necessarily follow that the bodywork is free from all dirt and contaminants. This is why several stages of ‘decontamination’ are required before the machine polishing stages can even begin. Using a variety of products and techniques, as many of the particles as possible of removed from the clear coat, ensuring a smooth finish is present prior to machine polishing.



Before the appropriate cutting and polishing compounds are used a paint depth reading is taken to establish the depth of clear coat available to work with. This enables the operator to understand the nature of the paint that is due to receive the detailing, and helps to measure the amount of polishing that has been undertaken.



Using a machine polisher (MOP) the operator can achieve majestic results much faster and much more effectively than by hand. Combining different combinations of cutting compounds and polishes, the MOP creates a ‘smooth’ finish to the clear coat, increases the depth of colour, and heightens the impact of the gloss finish, resulting in stunning results.


sealing STAGES

A variety of types of waxes, sealants and glazes can be used to not only enhance the look of the vehicle, but to also add extra layers of protection to the bodywork. Different waxes, sealants and glazes work well with different colours and cars, so a suitable combination is chosen to best suit your vehicle. A high quality and correctly-applied sealant and/or waxes can add 6-months to 2-years protection for your car, helping it to remain protected from the elements and/or multiple washes.



Once cleaned and decontaminated, alloys can be protected with a special alloy sealant. This makes it much more difficult for dirt, brake dust and other deposits to adhere to the alloys. A quality alloy sealant can help wheel dirt rinse of easily with a pressure washer, or even prevent the build up of dirt in the first place.

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