Car Detailing Birmingham, Solihull

Car Detailing Birmingham, Solihull

This BMW 3 Series was a classic example of a car that appeared to be in excellent condition to the naked eye, but upon closer inspection had suffered repeated attacks by the swirl monster! Not to mention several attempts at machine polishing which had resulted in buffer trails and unsightly holograms all around the car. Following our 2-3 stage enhancement and protection detail the results were very pleasing. And what delightful customers to work for too! It makes all the work even more rewarding....

The images below show the drastic results that can be achieved by car detailing. The 50/50 comparison picture of the roof shows the before and after state of the bodywork. The right hand side shows the state of the roof before any detailing, while the left hand side shows the mid-way point of the 2-3 stage enhancement process.

The 2nd and 3rd image show the rear door panel before and during the detailing process, while the selection of other images show the final results, interior and exterior

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