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JM valeting is pleased to announce the addition of car wrapping to complement its valeting and detailing services.


Vehicle wrapping can be used in 2 main contexts:

1) As a form of advertising, in which a vehicle is partially or completely covered in coloured graphics as a means of promoting products or services.

2) As a method of car care, enjoyment or personalisation of your vehicle.

Previously, extensive artwork on a vehicle was limited by difficult-to-use stick-on graphics or hand painting the vehicle itself. Today however, vehicle wrapping is achieved using large sheets of printed or plain vinyl that can be easily heated, contorted and applied to all vehicle surfaces. It is also easy to remove from the car bodywork when desired, allowing the original car to return back to normal. Wrapping can be applied to individual panels or the entire bodywork, in a range of colours and/or textures.

Typical wraps, when cared for in the correct way, can last for between 5 to 10 years and do not harm or cause defects to the original bodywork upon removal.

So, if you're interested in finding out more about vehicle wrapping please contact JM Valeting or stay tuned for more updates....

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