Kenolon Ceramic Shield

Delighted to announce becoming an authorised installer of this great product....

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Kenolon Ceramic Shield

JM Detailing is proud to be an authorised applicator of Kenolon Ceramic Shield. Backed by many years of rigorous testing and development, and manufactured in Europe, it is undoubtedly one of the leading SiO2 products in car surface science.

Ceramic Shield is a professional product which is ONLY supplied to Detailers who have attended training and assessment here in the UK. In order to maintain the exclusivity of Kenolon Ceramic Shield, only a very limited number of UK applicators throughout the country will be entitled to apply the coating, and it will NOT be on sale to the general public.

Kenolon is a ceramic coating that is invisible but resistant. It's protec­tive against all external polluting attacks such as traffic dirt, insects, acid rain, salt and UV-rays. Thanks to years of experience and a highly developed R&D department, it guarantees you the best protection on the market. This coating is applied following a particu­lar procedure by Certified Detailers only.

The water-repellent effect of Kenolon Ceramic Shield ensures that dust and dirt are less likely to cling to the car. Traditional paint protection products based on synthetic wax or polymers do not guarantee measurable thickness, they remain on the paint until they disappear through degradation by the sun, acid rain and degreasing detergents. If you want a coating for your car that has features such as durable effective protection and ease of use, than Kenolon Ceramic Shield is the right choice for you!

Thanks to the special composition of this product based on silicon dioxide (SIO2), your vehicle is protected and looks fantastic for a long time. It enhances the hardness of the paintwork with a protective layer tested up to 9H on the MOHS scale. This protection will also ensure that micro scratches and swirls are less likely to occur.

By adding the Kenolon Ceramic Shield treatment you are assured long-term protection.

Why use Kenolon Ceramic Shield:

  • A super tough, durable coating of glass bonded to your paintwork for
    unbeatable protection and a liquid glass shine.
  • Hardens to maximum 9H inside a week
  • Professional application only by our Approved Detailers
  • Safe and non-toxic in use, REACH compliant
  • Free of artificial aroma
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Easier to maintain
  • Incredibly hydrophobic, keeping your car clean longer
  • Improves gloss, intensifies and deepens colour on all paintwork
  • Can be applied at temperatures between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius
kenolon ceramic shield

kenolon ceramic shield

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