Car wash scare stories

Just a few words of caution from a couple of my customers this week:

While carrying out a full valet, polish and wax I was approached by a gentleman who asked me to take a look at his BMW sports car. He directed me towards 2 huge, horizontal scratches on his bonnet. He remarked how he had dropped his car off at a local hand car wash and watched the various staff quickly wash over his car. On returning home he noticed 2 scratches exactly in line with how the staff had been washing his car. Furious, he returned to the garage and demanded an explanation. Sadly for him, he didn't get very far. Even though this was the only car wash he used and there was no other explanation for the damage.

Unfortunately now he has no choice but to get some detailed scratch repairs done to his bodywork, which will not be a quick, easy or cheap job.

My second customer this week had a similar scare story. He also dropped his car off to a hand car wash garage and upon his return a huge flake of paint had disappeared from above his door, drastically affecting the appearance of the car. He too owned a nice BMW 3 series.

The moral of these 2 stories is: Be careful who you take your car to! Car bodywork is durable, but it is not INDESTRUCTIBLE. You need to treat it well and to look after it with care. If you don't, it will not only affect the appearance of your car, it will also reduce its resale value or hurt you in the pocket to get fixed.

Remember: Use quality products, trusted car washes, trusted valeters or take car doing it yourself!

Best of luck!

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